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[wpc_featured_box image=”1190″ title=”PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS” desc=”Elegant landscape design & installation from start to finish. We provide the finest quality construction implementation, carefully planned and executed; we invite you to take a look around our portfolio for ideas & inspiration. ” link=”||” el_class=”homecontent-titles”][wpc_featured_box image=”1344″ title=”KITCHENS” desc=”The single most important part of the home; the kitchen is a gathering place, the life of the party, and a place of solace in the early mornings. We build our kitchens functional, spacious, and with elegant materials and features. ” link=”||” el_class=”homecontent-titles”]
[wpc_featured_box image=”1194″ title=”PUBLIC WORK PROJECTS” desc=”Our company has worked with a variety of local city park renovation projects. We enjoy interfacing with public interests and outdoor spaces that engage people and invite interaction with nature. ” link=”||” el_class=”homecontent-titles”][wpc_featured_box image=”1311″ title=”BATHROOMS” desc=”A luxurious bathroom accents your home. Our bathrooms feature hand tiled tubs and flooring, granite, tile or concrete counter-tops, natural wood features, and unique bathroom fixtures. ” link=”||” el_class=”homecontent-titles”]
[wpc_featured_box image=”1608″ title=”RESIDENTIAL GARDEN PROJECTS” desc=”A project-based collection of gardens we have created. Our specialty, we use a variety of outdoor design elements and materials to make your garden captivating. We focus on its appearance outside and its experience inside. ” link=”||” el_class=”homecontent-titles”][wpc_featured_box image=”1346″ title=”HISTORICAL RENOVATIONS” desc=”Fine woodworking with vertical grain Douglas fir, smooth wall texture, casement windows, tongue & groove and beam ceilings. High gloss varnished premium wood flooring to enhance any home. ” link=”||” el_class=”homecontent-titles”]
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