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Home & Garden Maintenance

HOME and GARDEN: Seasonal Maintenance & Enhancement

WINTER: December- February

December – Flower of the Month – Narcissus

  • Stake young trees.
  • Replace rotting fence posts.
  • Make jellies and jams.
  • Make Christmas Wreaths.
  • Buy a Living Conifer Tree for Christmas.
  • Clean Gutters and Mulch Beds with leaves.
  • Decorate with Evergreens.
  • Be sure Birds have Food and Water.
  • Put Fireplace Ashes on beds.
  • Walk through Garden and envision new changes.

January- Flower of the Month – White Carnation

  • Mulch beds and rake leaves.
  • Clean gutters and drain lines
  • Harvest winter veggies
  • Repair raised beds and trellises
  • Order seeds for Spring
  • Clean up storm debris
  • Order bare root roses and fruit trees.
  • Add calcium to plants as needed.
  • Repair Fences
  • Build Cold Frames.
  • Begin Pruning Deciduous trees and fruit trees.

February – Flower of the Month -Violets

  • Harvest Chard and Kale.
  • Plant Herb Garden.
  • Prune Lavenders.
  • Prune Grape Vines and Ornamental Vines
  • Sow Indoor Spring veggie seeds.
  • Prune bare root fruit trees
  • Sow peas in garden.
  • Spade in Cover Crops.
Spring: March – May

March – Flower of the Month – Daffodil

  • Divide Hostas and Daylilies, Peonies and Mums.
  • Clean Bird Houses and Bird baths.
  • Fertilize Evergreen Shrubs and Trees.
  • Prepare Potting Soil and Store.
  • Fertilize Roses and Perennials.
  • Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs.
  • Trouble shoot and Fine tune Irrigation System.
  • Reseed Bare Spots in lawns.
  • Sow Tomatoes, Eggplant and Pepper Seeds Indoors.
  • Plant Berries.

April – Flower of the Month – Sweet Pea

  • Plant rhubarb, potatoes,
  • Sow melon and cucumber seeds indoors.
  • Plant Gladiola bulbs, Marigolds and Cosmos.
  • Transplant cool crops.
  • Put floating row covers over cabbages.
  • Plant Asparagus bed.
  • Sow lettuce seeds
  • Deadhead all bloomers and prune flowering shrubs.
  • Thin Seedlings.
  • Bring out stored Geraniums and Fuschias.
  • Set out hanging baskets.

May- Flower of the Month- Lily of the Valley

  • Trap Moles and Gophers
  • Mulch New Trees and Shrubs.
  • Mow lawns at 2” high.
  • Prune Forsythia after flowering.
  • Remove yellow bulb foliage.
  • Fertilize Roses, Rhododendrons and Azaleas.
  • Set out Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant.
  • Thin Peaches
  • Plant Dahlias.
  • Put up supports for Cucumbers and Beans.
Summer: June – August

June- Flower of the Month- Rose

  • Plant Corn
  • Mulch beds.
  • Sow Green Beans.
  • Sow Basil near Tomatoes.
  • Plant bolt resistant Lettuce.
  • Irrigate raised beds in early morning or evening.
  • Net Cherry Trees.
  • Hose off White Flies and Aphids use Insecticidal soap.
  • Move plants outdoors.
  • Thin seedlings and pull weeds.
  • Remove suckers from roses.
  • Tie up Tomatoes on stakes.
  • Thin Apples, Pears and fruit trees.
  • Prune Lilacs and deadhead Hydrangeas.

July- Flower of the Month – Larkspur

  • Plant infill and stake tall flowering Perennials
  • Cover Blueberries with Netting.
  • Harvest herbs for Drying.
  • Irrigate Asparagus and Weed.
  • Feed and Irrigate Corn and Tomatoes.
  • Plant Annuals for Fall Color.
  • Sow seeds for veggies.
  • Pinch back Basil.
  • Pick Green beans.
  • Prune Wisteria.

August- Flower of the Month – Gladiolas

  • Bait and Trap Yellow Jackets.
  • Irrigate and protect peppers from insects.
  • Remove blossoms to ripen Tomatoes.
  • Harvest Peaches.
  • Sow Turnip and Parsley.
  • Irrigate camellias deeply.
  • Plant Arugula and Mesculan.
  • Can and freeze Tomatoes and Peaches.
  • Pick cucumbers and pickle them.
  • Pick Bartlett Pears.
  • Take cuttings of Lavender and root.
Fall: September – November

September – Flower of the Month- Aster

  • Lift Onions and Dry
  • Harvest Table Grapes.
  • Harvest Roma Tomatoes and make sauce.
  • Harvest Potatoes.
  • Can Bartlett Pears.
  • Reseed Lawns.
  • Harvest and store Apples.
  • Plant Garlic and Shallots.
  • Plant Spring Cabbage.
  • Pick up Fall leaves.
  • Clean spent veggie beds.

October – Flower of the Month – Calendula Pot Marigold

  • Divide Iris
  • Order Bulbs for Fall plantings.
  • Dig and store Dahlias.
  • Mulch Annual Beds with Compost.Winterize Irrigation system.
  • Dig and Divide Perennials.
  • Pick and store Winter Squash.
  • Plant trees and shrubs.
  • Plant Bulbs.
  • Trap Gophers and Moles.
  • Clean and store winter squash
  • Disconnect and store hoses.
  • Clean leaves from gutters.

November – Flower of the Month- Chrysanthemum

  • Rake leaves and Compost
  • Mulch Asparagus beds with Oak leaves.
  • Force bulbs for Winter Color Indoors.
  • Plant a windowsill Herb Garden.
  • Prune Deciduous Hedges.
  • Cook and freeze Pumpkins for pies.
  • Remove withered stalks on Perennials
  • Mulch Rose beds.
  • Mulch Perennial beds.
  • Clean up yard for Holidays.
  • Harvest Brussel Sprouts.